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2020 has tested all of us. Some have thrived inspite of the pandemic. Others are barely skating by. But for some, food insercurity is a real problem. In fact food insecurity is a bigger problem than we understand. Many rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (SNAP) program. In the recent past, there have been several attempts to tighten work requirements for people who qualify for SNAP. This will essentially disqualify thousands of people who are already living below the property and who are food insecured (via TheSkimm).

Lending a helping hand is vital. While we may not be able to volunteer physically, many organizations have figured out ways to volunteer virtually. Those organizations have partnered with non-profit organizations to bring a little joy to many.

If you can’t volunteer, you can donate money. Head to GiveWell for more information.


To find your local food bank, visit FEEDING AMERICA.

Head to JustServe to find out where you can donate your time from home.

Information sources: via TheSkimm

Want NEWS in a hurry? Head to TheSkimm for a cliff’s notes version of the news. Don’t have time to read, then you are in luck, listen to Skimm This on your podcast platform.

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