Luxury at a Great Price Point


While safely ensconsed in the shelter of my home while quarantining, I made a conscious effort to really take care of my skin. The first was to reestablish a skincare regimen based on my skin needs and area of concerns. I’ve forgone foundation, concealer and left the wares behind and embraced the skin I am in.

My skincare comprises of oil cleansers, a micealar water, daily exfoliator, essence, serums, a facial oil , day and night cream. I will not be addressing my skincare routine in this segment, but rather talk about the serums, I’ve recently purchased from Naturium by Susan Yara, of Mixed Makeup.

First Impression

Upon receipt of the bottles, they felt heavy so I know they were not plastic. The box is in this muted shade of what I would call a gray. Upon removing, the bottle from its packaging, one is able to pull on a fastener on the side of the box. It unfurls to reveal a guide to the product you are using. It unveils information, about the main ingredients used in your serum.

Each serum is labeled by color. This makes it easily identifiable for someone who wears glasses like me.

The Bottle

In muted tones of gray, arfully labeled by color with an elegant scroll, it beckons you to open up and share in its offerings. All bottles come with a dropper, which I did not like. The oil I bought flowed easily in the dropper, but the thicker solutions were harder to access. Of late, Naturium has repackaged their serums outfitted with a pump. They most definitely heeded their customers’ advice.



I used 2 drops of the acid and gently spread it onto my face, neck and chest. Upon first impression, the serum is thicker with a gel like consistency. However, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave any feeling of stickiness.


I’ve tried some of the best retinols out there. And I have to say I am really happy with this retinol. I live in a very hot climate so I tend to layer my serum to give me a boost of hydration rather than heavier facial creams. This retinol is gentle and seems to be formulated for sensitive skin. The consistency is lighter than that of the Hyaluronic Acid. It feels weter and is also easily absorbed. I expérienced no burning sensation or tingling.

Additional Details

Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Gluten Free
Fragrance Free
Dermatologist Tested

According to, The products are formulated to be compatible with your PH Level.

The Controversy

Susan Yara formally introduce her line on her Youtube series. Almost immediately, there was swift backlash against her due to the fact that she failed to reveal her affiliation and ownership with the brand. Many perceived this as deception, violation of FTC rules and down right betrayal. She released a later apology video, where she explained her reasons for withholding information. I will not reiterate the story here. I will leave you to watch here and here. I will say one thing, I understand Susan Yara’s intent. In my opinion, she has an almost biblical knowledge of skincare. I watch her video series to understand which products and techniques to use. In the world of Youtubers, she is branded as an influencer. According to an influencer is described as … “A person with the ability to influence buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media. “

I think Susan Yara attempted to shed the influencer label and pivot. Being an influencer, I think comes with many pitfalls, she took a risk to shed them, but severely miscalculated.

She explains that withholding her association with the brand was also a way to gather honest feedback from her viewers and followers. There certainly are less clumsy ways to do Market Research than the way she did.

I am a firm supporter of Susan Yara. I find her instructive, knowledgeable, and refreshing. I hope that she will avoid underestimating her audience and trust that they will deliver honest feedback as they have held her to account for her mistake. Her loyal followers will forgive her. They will buy her products and will help her improve and solidify her brand. Others will criticize, and attempt to take her down as their support is only fleeting.

Her brand will be subjected to all the pitfalls that exit when owning a brand. But if she learns, remains honest and connected to her following. She will succeed because so far Naturium has struck a cord with its elegant packaging and luxurious experience at an incredible price point.

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Photo credits by @jenalishopstoo

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