JTS’ Survival Kit During COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken control of the elm of our lives. This newfound new normal is bringing about anxiety and has shifted the way we live and behave. While we may not have control over much of what happens in our lives; we can take small steps in ensuring we maintain some control over our lives.

  1. Have a plan
    Many have suffered loss of income. This is a good time, to sit down and reassess your financial situation. The latest statistics states that 75% of household in the US cannot respond to a $400 emergency. Sit and craft a plan. Start small. Find places to save money. Do you need Disney + and Netflix, Hulu or HBO? Choose one.

2. Write a grocery list and Craft a Menu

Aside from the household debt, the biggest expense which is less often talked about is the Grocery expense. In the last few years, grocery prices have increased tenfold, and almost prohibitive. Making a list of what you need and crafting a menu can save you money and reduce your trips to the grocery store.

3. De clutter

Clutter is disruptive. Clutter causes anxiety and most don’t know how tackle their clutter and let alone manage it. Whether you want to tackle your clutter Marie Kondo style or take a little bite at a time, decluttering your home allows you to find items to sell. Your closet can be a treasure trove for brand new unworn items, gently worn items that no longer fit. As long as your items are well maintained and cared for, you can command a fair price in the many marketplaces out there. One of my favorites to sell in is Poshmark. I am a big advocate of starting small. Set daily goals and be flexible, you may not have the bandwidth today or plainly don’t feel like it. For example, start with your entryway. Get rid of old and worn shoes, if you found something in the back of your entry closet. You will most likely will never use since you forgot about it to begin with.

I hope this small guide helps you in facing this ever shifting landscape and emerge triumphant.

4. Find a hobby or reignite your passion

One of the silver lining of the quarantine, is that many have either discovered hiddent talents or rediscovered a previous passion. As you scour online, you will find plenty of inspiration to get you going. I for example, discovered that I could bake (Thanks to PreppyKitchen.) Whatever your passion or talent. Indulge in it. It’s a great way to relax and escape.

My version of a Chocolate Explosion Cake

5. Don’t forget your family and friends

Quarantining has made it impossible to see people. It’s like a catch 22. Life can definitely get in the way. Many are isolated and feel lonely. Send a card (great time to replenish your stamp supply). A quick text or phone. Being in touch keeps the isolation at bay and may bring a smile to someone.

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