Travel TIP: COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus also known as coronavirus is ravaging the world. Many of us are self -isolating, working from home and others have no choice but to put themsleves to the service of others. For those of us who have to travel (either by plane or other modes), we are offering some essential tips to traveling safely. While we are not experts, we’ve compiled a few suggestions for you.

Disclaimer: Please follow all guidelines offered by the #CDC and your local officials.


The first line of defense is to WASH your HANDS with SOAP and WATER! Read on to follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ‘s guidelines to washing your hands.

DCD: Handwashing Saves Lives

Make it fun while washing your hands, either by singing the Happy Birthday song or by participating in the Tik Tok Dance Challenge to fight Corona,



If you are traveling, we recommend you wipe down your seats, the food tray, the windows and arm rest. Sorry folks, Clorox wipes won’t do it. We recommend the alcohol disinfectant wipes. If you are using Clorox or any non-alcohol disinfectant wipes, they are most effective if you let the surface dry after cleaning. Unfortunately, no one has time to wait and let your surfaces dry. Using alcohol based wipes, at least allows for quick drying time. #Naomi #Campbell brilliantly demonstrates.

try these

Eczema Honey Premium Cotton Gloves
CVS Health Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol Wipes
Purell Singles

Otherwise, stay safe, healthy during quarantine.

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