There was a post recently that set Twitter ablaze. A man unceremoniously propped his nare feet on the seat in front of him. People’s reaction understandably was unkind and filled with pure disgust. This is not the first nor will it be the last incident, of our fellow travelers breaking the unspoken etiquette rules. We all can use a bit of a refresher. Rules have relaxed a bit, but many remain in effect and are fairly essential to ensure a smooth travel experience.


Check in time can be one of the most frustrating aspects of traveling. A few tips to make your check in experience less painful.

  1. Weight your luggage: check your airlines’ weight allowance and weight your luggage before leaving for the airport. You avoid surcharges and waste less time at check in.
  2. Use the Kiosk: you can easily print your boarding pass and luggage tag at a kiosk.
  3. Check in at home: You can go straight to security and on your way. If you are checking in a bag, you can print your luggage tag, drop it off and you are on your way.


Waiting in line to board can result into a melee of people trying to get into the plane first. The best boarding, I’ve experience is with Southwest airlines. You stand in line based on your group, (A, B & C) and according to your number. I’ve witnessed the line go a lot faster and people fall in line to choose their preferred seat as they are no seat assignment with Southwest.

Talking of Boarding, while you wait, be mindful of other passengers, take a seat. Your purse, you briefcase and other incidentals don’t need a seat of their own. Keep the seat next to you vacant so the other passengers can wait just like you do. Don’t Hog the seats.

FUN FACT: Do you ever wonder how airlines come up with the airline class? Click here to view “The Economic of Airline Class.”


We’ve got a cell, a laptop, an Ipad and more… Electronics have embedded themselves into our daily life. We all need to keep our devices charged, especially if you are travelling with kids. We need to keep them entertained during flight time. Most airports have charging stations, some you pay for and others accommodate you with seats and an island.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Charge all your devices at home before your flight, so you reduce the time needed to charge it at the airport.
  2. Once you’ve charged your device, vacate the seat to allow someone else to charge theirs.
  3. If you need to charge multiple devices, consider purchasing a Dual USB Wall Charger, found here or bring a portable power bank.
  4. Once again, don’t hog the seat.


  1. Eating at the airport? If you are not eating at a restaurant, be mindful of your surroundings and dispose of your trash. If you are bringing pre-packaged foods at the airport, avoid foods with strong odors such as fish. The odor can be potent and may make others feel uncomfortable.
  2. Dress Comfortably, but appropriately: When people started flying, they would dress up to travel. We are talking about suits and ties for men and for women in smart professional dresses. As this rules has relaxed, be mindful of your appearance. Your appearance does inform the first impression about you. Being someone from another country, I’ve experienced many situations, where what I wore made a huge difference. When I travel, I make an effort to be well appointed. I subscribe to a formula, Jeans + Tee + blazer (or cardigan ) + flats or boots.
  3. Airline Lounges: Most airlines now offer their card members with access to their clubs or you can pay an entrance fee for some. With this membership, you are afforded the use of showers, office space and snacks. Once again, be mindful of others, don’t hog seat, keep your stuff together (not strewn about), mind the bar. Minimize your alcohol intake.
  4. Come early: Try as best you can to come early to the airport. This allows you time to freshen up before your flight. I don’t usually travel with makeup on, but if I am rushing, I usually try to remove my makeup before my flight, reapply deodorant, and making sure that there are no smells emanating from me. I bring gum or mouthwash with me.
  5. Kids: As a parent, I know all too well how complicated traveling with kids can be. However, we have a responsibility to keep our kids in check while traveling. Try establishing rules with your kiddos about behaving at the airport. I say try, as it may not work and you have a bunch of annoyed co-travelers. Keeping your kids entertained can be your lifeline.


  • Remember TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule when packing your liquids.
  • Save from wearing a wet suit while going through security, remove bracelets, belts, jackets or anything that may cause delays.
  • Ask for an upgrade at the counter after you pass security. All you risk is a no. If the answer is yes, kindly say thank you. Don’t broadcast it to the whole world.
  • Keep all valuables with you. Don’t put valuables on your checked luggage.
  • Take photos of your passport and luggage tags.
  • Bring sanitizing wipes.
  • Bring something to do offline.
  • Keep moving: Using moving sidewalks, escalators or hard surfaces. Walk left (keep moving) and stand right.


1. Do not leave any of your luggage personal or otherwise unattended. This creates unecessary delays and your item may be destroyed.

2. Do not park for extended period of time at arrivals or departures. You will get a ticket. A little tip: If you are being picked up, meet at the departure terminal instead. It’s a lot faster and you avoid the rush at Arrivals.

3. After you’ve cleared TSA and your items have successfully been scanned; pick up your items promptly and move to the designated areas where you can redress and repack your bags. Be minful of others. Don’t hold up the line.

Travel Tips by Laurie

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