Aside from wearing a wet suit to go through TSA, your journey through the security line can be quite an adventure. I personally loathe going through TSA. Yes, I know, it’s a necessary evil to keep us all safe. From taking my shoes off, to being searched when my undergarments trigger the handy little alarm. Sigh!!!!

Fast Track through TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

The best way to fast track through TSA is to be ready and prepared as best you can. Dress smartly, pack smartly, and have all your required documents Handy.


CLEAR uses biometrics as identifiers to fast track you through the security line.

  1. Get started Online
  2. Head to a CLEAR Location to finalize your application, no appointment necessary
  3. Fast track through security using CLEAR
  4. Cost as little as $15 a month
  5. Head to CLEAR to learn more


GLOBAL ENTRY is a system that allows international travelers to clear U.S. customs seamlessly and faster (include TSAPrecheck)

  1. Check your eligibility for Global Entry
  2. Create a Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) account (Every traveler must have an account)
  3. Apply online ($100)
  4. Bring your passport and other required documents, click here to learn more
  5. Read more with 13 key things to know about Global Entry from the thepointsguy


TSA Pre-check makes it easy to travel locally within the United States. Breeze through security without removing your shoes and make it to your gate on time. Before applying, take a look at TSA Precheck FAQ.

  1. Wait is 5 minutes or less
  2. Apply Online ($85)
  3. Easy appointment
  4. Available nationwide
  5. Find your location
  6. Good for kids, 13 & Under
  7. Read more from Smarter Travel on how to navigate TSA Precheck


Have your current Identification documents ready with your boarding pass. Acceptable ID types include Driver’s License (not expired), U.S Passport, U.S. Passport Card, DHS Trusted Traveler Card (Global Entry), click here to read more about the required IDs.

Boarding Pass

Have your boarding pass ready either on your phone or a paper specimen. Don’t forget to include your KTN_ Know Traveler Number when booking your ticket.


  1. Allow plenty of time to arrive at the airport
  2. Wear easy and minimal clothing
  3. Pack your liquids (100ml or 3.4 ounces or smaller) in clear plastic bags (Ziploc will do fine)
  4. Click here to read more about the travel checklist
  5. Trip Savvy offers more tips in 8 Ways to Avoid Extra Scrutiny by the TSA

Image Credits: Trip Savvy and Getty Images

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