Getting Personal: Travel Prep

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I love traveling and will jump at the chance to scour the globe any time I can. Before I travel, I like to follow a routine that can prepare me for the transatlantic plane ride (usually 8-10 hours long).) I don’t have stringent beauty travel routine. Read more to follow how I prepare for travel.



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I try to drink at 2 Liters of water per day. 3 days before I travel, I increase my intake to almost 1 gallon per day . Why 3 days? This is a personal choice. As I am in my 40s, my skin is of course getting drier. Dryness becomes part of life. To lessen the dryness, I drink a lot of water and tea ( such green tea, ginger tea, and Chamomile). Green tea is diuretic. Ginger helps with inflamation and Chamomille is calming.

Avoid Bloating & Inflamation

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I eat more fruits (mostly berries), bananas, tomatoes and veggies, such cucumbers, Asparagus, broccoli, avocados, and I try to eat more fatty fish such salmon and less process foods. Let’s be honest, we all get busy and sometimes we don’t eat the best foods. I wish I could tell you that my diet is perfect. But the bottom line is that I tried to increase my intake of foods rich in antioxidants and that help combat inflammation.


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I don’t like working out at all. It is pure torture for me to go the gym that is conveniently located in my building. But as I am about to sit on a plane for at least 8 hours with very little opportunity to walk (bad circulation aside). I walk for at least 30 minutes per day and I do the stationary bike. I also do a sequence of plank exercises on Youtube or Sun Salutation is also very good.


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Ideally, we all should sleep at least 8 hours every night. That is rarely possible for me. However, I try to sleep very well. I take melatonin (learn about it here) to help me stay asleep. Coupled with a good workout, I can manage a good 6 hours.



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Two days before I leave, I attend to my body. I make sure to schedule an appointment with my eyebrow lady. I get a good threading (which acts as natural exfoliant). Your skin is irritated right after treading but I like it better than waxing. I also a very good blowout from my hairstylist, who is Dominican (Dominicans hairstylists are very skilled in handling hair with natural textures and curls.)


After threading, I typically give myself a mini at home facial. At-home facials can be as elaborate as a Korean 10-Step beauty routine or just 3 easy steps, Byrdie has very handy one. Mine is very simple, since I am always on a time crunch.


The night before I travel, I do one thing, I use an overnight hydrating mask. I was gifted, Summer Fridays’ Jet lag Mask, so far I like it since it’s noncomedogenic. I also like this one from Soko Glam. I don’t use overnight mask all the time, as some of them can clog your pores. But I always do before and after traveling and when I am looking extremely tired.


I don’t travel with makeup on ever! I carry with me my travel sized, micellar water, facial cleanser, vitamin C, overnight serum, sheet mask and very good moisturizer and Sunscreen. If I am working, I take advantage of the lounge at the airport or the Family restrooms.

Mixed Makeup

Disclaimer: Any supplements or products that I mention on this blog segment are items that I have used and that I have worked for me. Check with your doctor or aesthetician before using any products for recommendation.

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